Text Mining: Google n-Gram Viewer & the word “Tamil”

What is n-Gram?

According to Wikipedia the “n-Gram viewer is a Phrase-usage graphing tool which charts the yearly count of selected n-grams (letter combinations)[n] or words and phrases, as found in over 5.2 million books digitized by Google Inc (up to 2008).”

The Reference URL:


My Experiment:


I was curious on the following to understand the impact of the Tamil in Google digitization project.

Figure 1: Courtesy Google n-Grams


Some in scripts from the book belong to 1854 with the courtesy from Google digitization project.


Figure 2: Book digitized by Google from Jaffna, Srilanka Tamil to English


Astonished by the way the way digitization has been done and the way the text mining works. Awesome. Try your hands too.


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