CrowdProcess: Possible future for analytics made simple in the making

You might have heard of initiatives like SETI which utilizes the existing Internet infrastructure for the purpose of having good computing capabilities. Crowdprocess startup based out of Portugal is an initiative based on Nodejs which helps to harness the power of unutilized or underutilized CPU cycles from the browsers.

It provides you more than 700 Gflops of computing capabilities with parallel computing abilities to you with ease. Though the technology is in beta mode the CrowdProcess team is very supportive and helpful in providing the necessary support. I believe in the evolving trends of big data need for such initiatives are most welcome and would attract lot of people to harness the existing resources. It’s being termed as Browser powered distributed computing system.

Though the system is new I have tried myself some very naïve javascript examples with Json data, it looks promising. The crowdprocess-cli I tried works very well with linux environment, though I got some issues with Windows.

The community is growing there, follow; your contributions would help us to make the system better.


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