Quick Intro to Twitter API by Question and Answers

First of all what is API?

API is Application Programming Interface.

What is Twitter API?

Twitter API is an API which provides access or be the gateway to the Twitter Data through RESTful service. Using this Twitter API developers or programmers will be able to develop applications which can interact with twitter data.

Where will I get more information about this API?

Please navigate to dev.twitter.com

Where can I find the API FAQ or any other useful Info?


What are the different ways we can implement twitter API for analytics?

There are many references provided by twitter, but In my blog posts primarily we will deal with the only following ways:

using JUNG – Java universal Network Graph Framework

using TwitterR – Twitter Analytics Package for R


4 thoughts on “Quick Intro to Twitter API by Question and Answers

  1. Hi,
    I was trying to create a python based crawler to extract tweets. The problem that I am facing in reading the tweets that it does not give me access to more than 7 days old tweets. I was wondering if thats a problem with my code and using twitter API on a different platform solves the issue. Since you have written about using TwitterR, have you faced any such issue? TIA

  2. Hi,

    I am trying to run this code:


    But each time it show:

    Error: Unauthorized

    No url or link is shared. I am really stacked here. Don’t understand what should i do. Can anybody help me, to fix this problem!


    Md Ismail Hossain

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