Cohort Analytics – Solving analytical problems on segmented data

Cohort Analytics

What does the term “Cohort” means?

“Cohort” means a group of people sharing common characteristics over a certain period of time.


* Cohort of people who have been diagnosed for “Diabetes” during the year 2013

* Cohort of students who has spent more than 5 days for Green cause during 2001-2004

* Cohort of users in Wikipedia who has stayed more than 5 years and contributed 100 edits every month

Applications or Uses of Cohort Analytics or Cohort Analysis:

* Segmented cohorts helps to refine and focus on the problem under question.

* Helps to identify the trend or pattern over a period of time.

* It provides or paves way to analyze a Customer with different time periods a cohorts and helps to analyze

Stages of Cohort Analytics:


In the next post we will look in detail about the cohort analysis with an example.


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