Google Fusion Tables step by step: Table in cloud

Features of Google Fusion tables.

  • Viewers can see the table or charts from any where once shared
  • API capability to program the table
  • Ability to integerate tables from the internet
  • Keep the data online and make it single version of truth across the board

In this blog post we will create a table for sharing the home work given in a school using Google Fusion Tables. This tables also helps to keep track of the various home work given in the school with the due date. This table can be shared across of parents or students of a specific class so that everybody can be the same page. This would also help the students who were absent on that particular day.

Step 1: Getting Started

You can navigate to the create a fusion tables using the following URL:

Step 2: Creating Fusion Table

Step 3: Change Columns: To add or modify the columns

You can add new columns by clicking the new button. It has the following data types : Text, Number, Date and Location

Also one of the key feature is that we can add a list of Drop-Down items using a list of comma separated values or using Key-Value pair based on JSON.

Step 4: Adding multiple values for dropdown

In this example I have added Activity, Subject, Research as 3 category items for the column Category.

Step 5: Adding rows

Click the Add row button from the Edit Menu to add a new row to the table.

Now you will be presented with a form to capture the inputs which will collect the details for the table.

This makes the data entry process more easy to the table also it helps you to select value from the drop down control and also date from a Date time picker. You can either click save or Save and add another to add another row.