Wanna impress your boss or client check these infographic selection sites

Assuming you’re a budding manager and you would like to impress your boss with stunning visualization and present the data in a infographic format so that he feels good about the you did. I came across this post which helps you to quickly understand various infographic tools with good example and reasoning too.

Periodic table of visualization also exists which helps to identify which are the ones to be used for Data, Strategy, Information, Metaphor, Concept and compound visualization. These are very useful one to organize the data visualization according to the content. May be it will take your memories to good old days wherein you have seen the periodic table in chemistry for compounds. Credit goes to Ralph Lengler & Martin J. Eppler, Institute of Corporate Communication, University of Lugano, Switzerland for this wonderful research effort which also details about methodologies.

Periodic Visualization Tables

When it comes to number crunching it is essential that you represent data with good charts. But how do you go about choosing the right charts ? Check on this infographics form labnol.org which would help you to choose the right set of chart  for data analysis.  This gives various chart options to decide based on Time, Frequency, Variables,etc., also seggregated by Composition, Relationship, Comparison and Distribution.


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Twitter Analytics & Business impact (The 140 Character thing)

Hopefully everyone who reads this blog would have a twitter account. Not a necessary evil, huh?

Have you ever wondered whats going on about you, your business, the technology you’re in the twitter world. Welcome to Twitter Analytics.  Though twitter API has given as much of exposure to understand these woes better.

Why should I worry about twitter when I have plenty of things to worry about my business:

a. You can find your customers talking about you bad and good which would like to know for dynamically align your business strategy

b. You can acquired customers, you will come to know about customer problems

c. You can predict the online presence and your brand value with the help of your followers and their growth

d. Its real-time and can be viral

e. Above all its gets you closer to the customer

In the following posts we will see more how we can do analytics on the tweets.

CrowdProcess: Possible future for analytics made simple in the making

You might have heard of initiatives like SETI which utilizes the existing Internet infrastructure for the purpose of having good computing capabilities. Crowdprocess startup based out of Portugal is an initiative based on Nodejs which helps to harness the power of unutilized or underutilized CPU cycles from the browsers.

It provides you more than 700 Gflops of computing capabilities with parallel computing abilities to you with ease. Though the technology is in beta mode the CrowdProcess team is very supportive and helpful in providing the necessary support. I believe in the evolving trends of big data need for such initiatives are most welcome and would attract lot of people to harness the existing resources. It’s being termed as Browser powered distributed computing system.

Though the system is new I have tried myself some very naïve javascript examples with Json data, it looks promising. The crowdprocess-cli I tried works very well with linux environment, though I got some issues with Windows.

The community is growing there, follow; your contributions would help us to make the system better.