Power BI Limitations and Issues

I’ve been experimenting Power BI recently for a proof of concept development on building a simple dashboard to display the consumption of electricity across different equipments. This dashboard was being built on a datawarehouse DB. Following are some of the observations I found in my initial experimentation with it. Neverthless there could be lot of promise in the latest releases. I leave it to the viewers to check Power BI in their own discretion.

  1. Unable to provide custom label the axis
  2. Drill down capabilities are limited
  3. Close integration with Power View onlyPower BI
  4. Limited documentation on the deployment scenarios
  5. Inability to export to multiple formats
  6. Facility to develop color or formatting based on expressions (As of 30th April 2015 they have started working on it)
  7. Limitations on data sources exists

These are all some of the limitations based on my exploration.


Microsoft Power BI installation and getting started with it


You can download Power BI from the URL http://www.powerbi.com/dashboards/downloads/ and you can follow the simple steps as given below:

Step 1: Start Screen

Steps 2: Agree to software license terms


Step 3: Installation path

Step 4: Create a desktop shortcut

Evaluation of the tool:

Step 1: Get Data ( I have downloaded the data from Event viewer in the CSV format and used the data source in this scenario)

Step 2: Select the fields from the right hand side Fields

Step 3: I was putting across a Table and a Pie Chart.

Some problems I faced during data load with PowerBI, takes time to load the data from excel sheet. Otherwise still I believe this is a promising tool. I just tried to export my event viewer tool to and just played around to get the following output.


The drill down capability is filtering the data table according to the chart events is very nice. But still looking to play around with it to understand more.